Rifle Scope Reviews

Rifle Scope Reviews - Burris Optics has made quality their goal since their inception in 1971. The founder of Burris Optics, Don Burris, had worked for several years for Redfield who subsequently moved their production to a less expensive labor market. Burris believed that an American made rifle scope could compete in quality and still be decently priced. It would seem from the results, the full line of Burris rifle scopes, that he was correct.

The Burris name has become a well known name when clear optics is the goal (when are they not). Not every rifle scope fits every use and surely not every budget and the line has expanded over the years to encompass new technologies such as the laser range finder, the lightweight and long range Burris Black Diamond rifle scope and the lower priced but still quality Fullfield rifle scope.

When choosing a quality rifle scope for a particular purpose, such as low light, or competition or even big game hunting there are particular attributes the individual may be examining. Sometimes it is based on deficiencies in their current scope. For example, the complaint that it is too heavy, it is mounted too high, or it fogs may be a factor in choosing the new brand and looking at Burris rifle scopes.

A hunter not pleased with the weight or the mounting on their current scope or feels it jars too easily when tramping around in the forest, might look at one of the Burris rifle scopes from the Black Diamond line. These are intended for longer range shooting with fully multicoated lenses available. All scopes are sealed with nitrogen to prevent fogging of the lenses, and these lighter weight scopes are meant to endure the rigors of a hard day out in the wilds.

An individual who has acquired a second prized rifle may not want to put out the funds they did on their main rifle but still needs a scope. In that case, clarity of optics and price will be a concern and the Fullfield II may well be the perfect scope for the project. A less expensive scope does not have to mean a cheaply or badly made scope with poor optics and every corner cut to bring down the cost. The Fullfield II may well be a quality answer that is perfect for the secondary rifle. The range for these Burris rifle scopes is shorter but they are amazingly clear and comfortable to use and also built to endure.

While brand loyalty may well be one of the strongest motivating factors in choosing rifle scopes, quality should at least be equal to that when choosing a piece of equipment as important as the scope. The Burris rifle scopes line offers a solution for just about ever purpose and for every condition and does so at a very competitive price.

Rifle Scope Reviews - When weighing all factors it should also be noted that Burris scopes also come with a full lifetime manufacturer's warranty, which means this company, stands behind their products no matter what.

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